Rules of the Race

 KNOW YOUR ABILITY - You can be severely injured, harmed or even die during these races.  You are responsible for your own physical condition, ability and decision making.

CARRY WATER/HYDRATION - This is a high desert race, daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees.  Night time temperatures can swing as much as 60 degrees.

CARRY NUTRITION -  This is high desert race, and you may not make it to an aid station before you need more energy and to be resupplied. 

BUGS - You may encounter mosquitoes, spiders, flies, moths, butterflies, cockroaches, worms, beetles (not the Beatles), sand fleas, gnats, etc.. Please plan accordingly.

NO ANIMALS-  may run or bike with you (this includes, dogs, cats, mules, peacocks, horses, rabbits, emus, hamsters and/or any other animal you may be able to think of).

SUNSCREEN - This is highly recommended.  Re application during the race is recommended too.

MEDICAL AND EMERGENCIES - Medical and emergency personnel have the right of way on the trail.  Please follow their commands.  They are here for your safety.. refer to the very first rule.  Also, take care of each other.  If a fellow racer is experiencing trouble help them or alert medical staff as soon as you can.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS - During this race you may encounter rattlesnakes, wolves (yes, wolves), mountain lions, sheep herding dogs (very aggressive),  coyotes,  herds of cattle or sheep, water crossings, heavy sandy areas, high winds, excessive sun and all other things mother nature or man can produce.

THERE IS NO VIEWING OF RACERS AT US HWY 40/ MCR 143 CROSSING - There is no viewing of racers of while they cross US HWY 40 at MCR 143.  Should you decide to view your racer there then your RACER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED ON THE SPOT (since you are viewing them there and they are disqualified, please give them a ride back to the Start/Finish Line).  

RACE OFFICIALS - Race Officials' decisions are final.  Race Officials' decisions are final,  We said this twice to help clarify.

VIEWING OF RACERS - This race will have numerous areas marked for racer viewing and pictures.  The course was designed to give racer supporters the opportunity to view their racer.  Please use this designated areas.  Maps will be provided day of race. These viewing areas are separate from the designated aid stations.

PARKING -  There will be no parking at the Start/Finish Line.  You will have to walk into the Start/Finish Line.  Cars/Trucks/Vans/Trailers will be towed at owners expense if parked at the Start/Finish Line.  If you park in the Colorado State Park you are responsible for paying the daily fee.  Participants that decide not to pay are subject to ticketing (that will be on you... no whining if you get a ticket).  There are many warning signs.

COURSE PARKING - Do not park your Car/Truck/VAN/Trailer on the race course.  Cars/Trucks/Vans/Trailers will be towed at owners expense if parked on or in the race course.  There is plenty of space off the race course to park.

AID STATIONS - Please park in designated areas at the First Aid Stations.  These are set-up for the racers convenience (not spectators).  

START/FINISH LINE - Spectators are allowed to view their finishing from behind the Start/Finish fences.  Please do not stand in the middle of Start/Finish line to view.   Please following parking rules (see above).  Please remember that racers have priority in this area.

NO GAS/FUEL POWER ADAPTIVE EQUIPMENT ALLOWED - No gas/fuel power adaptive power equipment is allowed.  Only electric assist.

RACE REFUNDS - No refunds will be issued after the close of registration.  No refunds will be issued should racer be injured, disqualified or does not finish the race.  No refunds will be issued should the racer become ill prior, during or after the race.  No refunds will be issued should the racer become pregnant prior, during or at the end of race.  No refunds will be issued should the racer become incapacitated and/or can not complete the race.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER THE CLOSE OF REGISTRATION FOR ANY OTHER REASON YOU CAN DREAM UP OR IMAGINE!

PLAN FOR THE UNEXPECTED - Be prepared for the unexpected.  We don't know what we don't know.